High Strain Integrity Test

High strain dynamic testing is a method of testing deep foundations to obtain information about their capacity and integrity.High Strain Integrity Test
It takes advantage of the fact that, for driven piles, it is possible to compute the energy delivered to the pile, compression stresses at the pile top and toe and tension stresses along the shaft.


  • Determining load bearing capacity of pile
  • Hammer performance
  • Assessing maximum driving stresses possible
  • Testing for Pile integrity


  • IS – 2911High Strain Integrity Test
  • ASTM – ┬áD4945-00, 08


Dynamic Pile Load Testing is performed by attaching reusable, high quality sensors to the pile wall and monitoring the response in terms of force and velocity of a stress wave imparted into the pile head by a suitable falling weight. Data is collected and stored automatically on a blow by blow basis to aid decisions during pile driving.